Get Fit With Kristen 

The #getfitwithkristen plan is an online fitness plan that consists of short, sweet, and incredibly EFFECTIVE workout routines that build lean muscle and burn fat.  Pair them with the #getfitwithkristen meal plans to blast fat, drop pounds, and ultimately meet and exceed your fitness goals.  



  1. Why choose an online fitness plan?

  • Convenience

Information from the online personal trainer is available when and where you want it in more depth; making it interactive and dynamic.

Online training/coaching allows you to move at your own pace, and around your hectic schedule (work, school, family, friends, etc.)

  • Inexpensive and Extensive Area of Expertise

Not only will you receive online coaching for your workouts, but you'll receive online nutrition advice for one flat fee.

  • Fitness Must be Enjoyable

What causes the majority of the population to start a fitness plan and then give up is the frustration of understanding which workout routines to do and when, along with what to eat for energy and fat-burning.



Get Fit With Kristen Online Fitness Plan eliminates the guesswork by outlining this information for you.  This plan also provides you motivational tips to keep you positive, while working to reach your fitness goals.


2.  Will I be spending hours in the kitchen?

  • Absolutely not! The meals are easy, quick, healthy, and portable for work/school, etc.  

  • The recipes (which are few & far between & are only an option) are simple with few ingredients that are common, you won't have to shop at a specialty store.  

  • The foods in the plan can be purchased at grocery stores, Walmart, Aldi, etc.

       and are very inexpensive.